Friday, February 15, 2008

Enhance the Romance!

The Hottest Anniversary Gift Trend! You can follow the recommended 'paper, wood, china, crystal' anniversary list if you like, but if you really want a gift that says "You're Still the One" then a diamond enhancer is the way to go. Diamond enhancers are special rings meant to complement engagement solitaires and increase their beauty and versatility. Worn with the engagement ring, the two appear to be a single, multi-stone ring. They are usually set with round or baguette accent diamonds, but occasionally have other shapes or colored gemstones. There are two types of enhancers, wraps and inserts.

diamond wrap enhancer

Diamond Wraps: A single band contoured to fit the solitaire and display a diamond arrangement on both sides of the center stone or along side the center stone.

diamond insert enhancer

Diamond Inserts: A split, double band that the solitaire slides into. In this style, accent stones frequently completely encircle the center stone.

Ring enhancers make great gifts for many occasions; anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day or holidays. They are sometimes even given before the wedding in cases of lengthy engagements. They are the perfect accessory for every woman’s collection offering versatility and a choice of ways to wear your ring. Having different styles of enhancers can allow you to go from classic to contemporary in just an instant, depending on your mood and the occasion!